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How To Create Simple Wordpress Loop For Posts And Display It In Single.php

How to create simple WordPress Loop for posts and display it in single.php WordPress Theme file

If you want this code to work for you your single.php or page.php file should use both default Wordpress functions to get header and footer content like below

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Limited Number of Tags after Posts in your Custom WordPress Theme

Snippet: How to limit the number of displayed tags in your post template? If you want to limit the number of tags you …

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How to add Featured image support to WordPress theme

WordPress Snippets: How to add Featured image support to WordPress theme Featured Images come after WordPress Version 3.0. Featured Image, is an image …

Get WordPress home page URL

WordPress Snippet: How to get Home page link

The home_url template tag retrieves the home URL of your WordPress current site. If you want to hardcode link to you homepage anywhere …