How to create jQuery driven “Read More” button for displaying large content blocks

Create jQuery Read More button for showing large texts

Hiding long content sections is something which sometimes is necessary to make a design look a bit better instead of having a ton of text on your home or category page. Below you is the code that makes this possible. It creates a jQuery driven Show More button which pretty much shows the hidden content and Hide button to hide it back again.

Something important: In the jQuery script you can control the visible height percent from “var hidePercent”, just change it to what you see fit.

Autor: Dimitar Radev | Modified: April 22, 2019 at 9:51 pm

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  • Steve Atkins says:

    This is absolutely Fabulous. The code work like a charm without any problem. I got a question. How we can add some animation when we click on the button Show more and Show Less? In the Demo Link here
    I want to add some CSS Animations Effects on click.

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