How to create simple WordPress Loop for posts and display it in single.php WordPress Theme file

How To Create Simple Wordpress Loop For Posts And Display It In Single.php

Here is a simple snippet for single.php Loop

With the code below you can display you single post/page content and get header.php and footer.php

1. The WordPress Loop starts with

Then our WordPress Loop should continue with both most important part of every page

  • the_title
  • the_content

2. Add this code to display your page/post title inside your WordPress Page/post Loop

3. Display the Content of your WordPress page/post

4. End your WordPress Loop

5. Support any additional content markups in your loop

You can always echo any additional content like share buttons and any meta data from your single post or page like

  • the_date
  • tags
  • categories
  • breadcrumb

6. View the full WordPress Loop code below

Please: Note

If you want this code to work for you your single.php or page.php file should use both default WordPress functions to get header and footer content like below

So the actual WordPress Loop for you single.php or page.php should look like this

Don’t forget to wrap it in HTML and style it with CSS


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