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How to Display FAQs Featured Snippet in Google SERP?

Author: WordPress Snippets | Posted on: October 7, 2019 |

Quickly Display Featured FAQ’s

Make a plan and create a road map and Scale your idea. Before you start displaying your pages with faqs featured snippets in the SERP try to organize the project. Write goals to get results all of the important information and bullet the list with your FAQs displaying under your SERP Meta Title, Reviews snippet, Image and 3 FAQs related to the topic in Accordion Menu Layout

  1. Manually Display FAQ Type of Google Featured Snippets in the SERP
  2. Automatically Display FAQ Type of Google Featured Snippets in the SERP
  3. Find WordPress Plugins to Display FAQ Type of Google Featured Snippets in the SERP

How to add additional featured snippet FAQs with Schema in your WordPress page, post, post type or page templates you use for your WordPress and get featured in the Search Results Page (SERP)

How to add FAQ Featured Snippet with JSON-LD in WordPress Page?

How to create a WordPress Page with FAQ rich results and get listed in the SERP?


Choose the WordPress page template in your theme folder and prepare your data.

Create an example folder to your WordPress theme to work on the beta and ideas

  • /serp/fs/faq/faq-loop.php

Why quick keyword research with target questions based on your repors in GSC Search Queries and Top Ranked Pages is important. It is easy to add more SERP estates for your search results display pages and your position for website pages that are in the top 10 for the searched query you looking for.

“People Also Ask” is a good place on the google SERP pages to get ideas for relevant questions.

Your goals are for the first page of the Google SERPs Pages.

Use the reverse search query SEO technique when writing content for the FAQ Featured Snippets.

Include words that are likely to generate featured snippets.

You can see these results in Google SERP and how our page is Featured by Google in the SERP. To respect the linking and some other etically rules. To see the live result with FAQ Featured Snippet and 5 Accordion FAQs from your page
People also ask
The Second Part

Question: Does your site allow users to submit answers to a single question?

Answer: Use QAPage structured data instead.


Article keywords

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