Sum Function for Numbers in a Column in Google Sheet

Sum Numbers In Column With Google Drive Sheet

You can sum All numbers in COlumn in drive sheet with the formula below.

Use the formula to sum a column with numbers in cells. You can combine Google Sheets functions like SUM, IFERROR, ArrayFormula, SPLIT, and REGEXREPLACE.

How to SUM Numbers in Column in Google Drive Sheet?

To use SUM in Google Drive Sheet and sum all numbers in Column X cells you need to combine the following functions toghetherto get correct sum of all numbers in the column you want to get the total numbers and sum them to get the results. Use the Formulas below to SUM all Numbers in Column in drive sheet:

  • ArrayFormula
  • SUM

=ArrayFormula(SUM(IFERROR(SPLIT(REGEXREPLACE(A1:A&“”, “[^\d\.]+”, “|”), “|”))))

The Formula Above will sum all numbers in column cells in Column A1 to the end of rows you have numbers in A Column. Use this Formula if you want to SUM numbers in Column in Google Drive Sheet.

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