What do you need to install on your Windows PC for work with Roots Trellis and Bedrock stack.

Roots Trellis and Bedrock dependancies for your Windows PC

I have compiled a list of programs that you need to install on your Windows PC in order to run Roots Trellis and Bedrock Wordpress development stack.

The instructions on this post will be pretty straightforward. Go through the list below and install the programs one by one. A restart will be needed at the end and after installing PHP 7.2.

  1. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
  2. Python 2.7.14
  3. Node JS
  4. Virtual Box
  5. PHP 7.2 (Reboot after this one.)
  6. Composer
  7. Vagrant
  8. Git
  9. Yarn (You will need this one only if are about to install Roots Sage also.)

To speed up vagrant performance in Windows install vagrant-bindfs and vagrant-winnfsd by running


After this is ready you can go ahead and Install Trellis and Bedrock. If you need some help doing that please check our post How to quickly install Roots Trellis and Bedrock for local development environment on Windows.

Autor: Dimitar Radev | Modified: April 22, 2019 at 9:20 pm

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