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Can you copy a page in WordPress?

Author: Dimitar Radev | Posted on: March 1, 2019 |

What I would do is to add a new page or post from the Admin Bar menu or inside the WP Admin and copy paste the content, the fields and set a page template if needed. This is a perfect way to copy a few posts, but in case you need to do more than a few or you need to duplicate posts or pages regularly. I will suggest using a function or a plugin to help you automate the whole copypasta for you.

Copy a Page or Post using a Function

A function I like and use sometimes is something I found on GitHub called WordPress Duplicate post or page function, however, I use my fork which has both options for posts and pages added https://gist.github.com/B1-0S/c5efe3f839f4c27b60e3d0fe564b0a7e

This function adds a “Duplicate” link under your pages and posts in the Pages > All Pages or Posts > All Posts.
I tested it recently with WordPress 5.2, PHP 7.3, Advanced Custom Fields, and the function seems to be working well.

Copy a Page or Post using Plugin

If you choose to go with the plugin option you should be fine with either of those two Duplicate Post and Duplicate Page. Please note either or those do not work for custom post types.

I hope this quick explanation was helpful,
Have a great one!

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