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How to Fix PHP 7.2 “Warning: count()” on get_the_content() or the_content() in WordPress

Author: Dimitar Radev | Posted on: July 24, 2018 |

Looking to fix this “Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /wp-includes/post-template.php on line 284” or something along those lines?

The issue is coming from inside the get_the_content function, it counts global $page which in some (or more than some) cases can be null and that is not a supported value for countable in PHP 7.2+. and we get an E_WARNING

I had this issue using Sage and PHP 7.2 it was breaking the_content() and I got the content from the meta fields by using get_post_field(‘post_content’, $post->id) and running it through the_content filter so we can get all the formatting right.

//Get the_content from a post or page
function zi_content()
  global $post;

  return apply_filters('the_content', get_post_field('post_content', $post->id));


Just replace get_the_content in your function with zi_content() or just echo it into your template file like so:

echo zi_content();


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